General SG12/24 Series Surface Grinders
Distributed by Stardek

Stardek now offers General's surface grinders... grind, scarify and clean concrete, asphalt and a wide variety of floor coverings.

Generals' gasoline, electric and propane surface grinder feature attachment systems designed for breaking up deposits of grease, dirt, rubber carpet backing and industrial residues; cleaning concrete, asphalt and tile, producing exposed aggregate slabs, and buffing and polishing more delicate terrazzo and marble floor surfaces.

The units feature standard twin, counter-rotating discs that can work a 24" x 12" area. They can be quickly removed to attach standard 10" diameter, multi-segmented dry diamond discs for increased productivity on polymer concrete, epoxy, plastic overlays and critical flat floor installations.

The SG12/24 is powered by an 11 hp Honda engine with LP gas conversion available. Alternative power sources include 2 hp 115/230 VAC, 60 Hz, or 3 hp 220/230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, electric motors. The 2 hp motor incorporates a manual voltage selection switch to accommodate available jobsite power. The 3 hp motor provides additional power for the most demanding applications. Both motors feature dual starting capacitors and thermal overload protection switches for safety and security.

The Most Comprehensive Line of Surface Grinders and Attachments Ever Developed!

Features & Benefits
• Comfortable Operator Handle
Full wideth, tubular design maximizes operator leverage and control. Helps maximize productivity and minimize fatigue.

• Choice of Power Sources
2 or 3 hp electric, domestic and foreign voltage operation. 11 hp gasoline or propane conversion.

• Propane Conversion Designed From Inception
Components are positioned for greater protection from damage during use or transit.

• Carry Handles
Comfortable and functional when loading or unloading

• Full-Length Rubber Bumper
Minimizes damage to vertical walls. Quickly removeable to install safety and dust shield.

• Heavier Machine Weight
Adds structural integrity with no compromise to agility and ease of operation

• Compatibility and Interchangeability
Counter-rotating, multi-accessory discs accommodate both General® and EDCO® attachments.

• Elastomeroic Drive System
Twelve rubber hubs allow multi-accessory discs to flex. Flex rate remains more constant with age and use. Easily reparied in the event of catastrophic contact with an above surface obstruction.

• Heavy Duty Spur Gear Transmission
Gears connect to multi-accessory disc drive shafts with full length, heat-treated keys.

• Belt Cover
Provides ample space to store up to 300 lbs of external weight for increased operational performance.

• Longer Wheel Base
Provides increased stability that allows multi-accessory attachments to quickly produce flatter, more level floors.

Coatings Removal System
Carbide Grinding System
Diamond Segment Grinding System
Mounting Wedge
Floor Brush