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Frequently Asked Questions


How does this product hold up in cold climates?
Experience shows that STARDEK Coatings have performed well in northern climates. Unlike other products such as stains or paints, STARDEK seals the concrete preventing moisture from penetrating the surface, freezing, and causing the concrete to pop off.

How is it applied?
STARDEK products are easily trowelled, sprayed, or applied with a roller. Patterns are created with the use of stencils. These stencils are available in rolls and cover approximately1000 sq.ft. We instruct you on the use of stencils during our three day training program.

Do I need any special equipment?
Only very basic equipment is needed to apply STARDEK Coatings. The smaller items include brushes, rollers, tape, scrapers, and various small hand tools. Larger items include a compressor, texture gun, airless and Stardust gun. We have available all equipment and supplies necessary to install these coatings.

How long is the training class? Is there any hidden cost?
There is no minimum investment or royalty fee! Training classes last 3 days and are held in Seffner, Florida (minutes from Tampa International Airport). This is a hands-on class and one of the most extensive training courses in the industry, so bring some work clothes and be ready to get involved. During training we will cover all aspects of the decorative coatings industry, from marketing, job preparation to job completion. Training manuals and lunch are included, along with free samples for you to take home. If you can stay an extra day you can visit Sun City Center where STARDEK has over 7,000 applications completed. Many of these jobs are over 25 years old and all are within a 2 mile radius. No one else in the industry can make this claim.

Is there a franchise fee?
Not only are there are no franchise fees or royalties, there are no minimum purchases or hidden costs. Experience shows that once you spend a couple days with us, you will only want to use the best - STARDEK

What if I'm on the job and have a problem?
Simply give us a call. We have an experienced technical staff available to answer your questions. Each technical staff member has had a minimum of 10 years field experience and is fully qualified to answer your questions.

How long has this product been in use?
STARDEK products, manufactured by Color-Crown Corporation, have been a standard in the industry for over 30 years. Nearly 100,000 applications in Florida attest to the quality and durability of these tough coatings.

How many coatings systems do you offer?
There are over (11) eleven different coating systems that you will learn during training. Your imagination is truly your limit. Cost range from very economical to very expensive. This allows you maximum flexibility in selling. You will always have a product for whatever your prospects spending limitations.

Do I have to get my product from Tampa?
We have distributors that can drop ship your order if you're located in their prescribed area. This will save you both time and shipping costs. (We are always looking for new distributors in order to expand our distribution network)

How long has Color-Crown Corporation been in business?
Color-Crown has been manufacturing concrete coatings since 1972!

How do I get on the training schedule?
Simple, just call (800) 282-1599 or fill out our contact sheet. We will work around your schedule and try to set up the dates you desire. After agreeing on a date, we'll send you an enrollment package which contains maps, recommended hotels (offering discounted rates), and date confirmation. If you have any questions after looking over the package, just give us a call or
E-mail us now.